Team, advisors and investors

Thomas van Dijk, Msc.
Founder and CEO

“I studied a bachelor in Physics in Amsterdam and finished a masters in  Sustainable Energy Technology at the TUDelft. Having worked at a solar company the need for better electricity storage was obvious. I am motivated to work on a technology that potentially changes the way we store electricity. Iron is one of the few materials capable of doing so, being the cheapest and most abundant metal on earth.”

Currently the lab is run by Peter Bramwell and we work regularly with junior engineers and students. Riccardo Zaffaroni is a postdoc on a joint research program of E-Stone with the TUDelft and the RUG.

Advisors and investors
We are supported by good advisors from both industry and academics.

Halle Cheeseman (Technical product and business development consultant)
Henk van Groen (Strategy)
Leo Visser (Technology)
Joep Koopmans (Finance)
Cato Woudenberg (Marketing & Communications)
Gustaaf Haan (Founder “De Zonnefabriek” – Strategy and applications)

Our investor are Delft Enterprises B.V., Percival Ventures and Kic Innoenergy and we were selected for the ESA-BIC and Climate-KIC accelerator programs.