We have developed a novel iron-sulphur electrode that enables low-cost, high performance nickel-iron and iron-air batteries. In our prototypes we combine our easy innovative fabrication method and use our patented iron-electrode formulation.

We are harvesting the power of iron and air to store solar power and move to a sustainable world with materials that are already all around us.
The cycle life is proven in the lab to be excellent, yielding >2500 cycles and expected to reach >5000 in the next year, and we are currently looking to scale our prototypes and involve battery manufacturers in our next steps of development.

The abundance, direct availability and global utilization of iron makes it ideally suited  as the affordable clean-energy storage material. With cost as low as 0,70€ /kg, our electrode is the cheapest battery electrode in the world. Just take a look around you, from building materials to your body, the world runs on iron!